Mike Brewer graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in photography. He meant to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in photography but took one too many English courses.
While at Ohio State University, Mike shot photographs for LNS and Globe Photo. He also taught basic darkroom technique for the University's Photography department and shot publicity and production photographs for the University's Drama department.
After Ohio State, Mike moved to New York, where he began acting and directing. And, despite the theft of his cameras, he continued shooting. After moving to Boston, he helped form Theater in the Middle. When the theater broke up, as theaters often do, Mike moved to Europe.
In Europe Mike photographed for Reuters and continued working in theater. During three years in Europe, Mike survived eating a deadly cheese (injected with poison and heroin by a crazed Canadian intent on killing Mr. Brewer).
Mike has shot portraits and headshots for over ten years. He has shot production and publicity stills for a number of motion pictures.