Headshot Package
A normal headshot session includes:
  • Two rolls of film (black and white)
  • Double proofs (two proof sheets facilitates communication with client)
  • One 8x10 print from the session
The cost of this package is $300.00, if shot at my studio or a location reasonably nearby.
  • Travel to a more distant location
  • Make-up runs approximately $100.00.
  • Additional rolls are $50.00 each.
  • Processing and printing for color (the session fee is the same).
  • You may purchase additional shots from the session at my cost, approximately $20.00 each, if the order is placed within one month of the session.
  • If you purchase additional shots longer than one month after the session, the additional charge will be $35.
Ifs Ands and Buts
To safeguard negatives, I prefer to keep them. (I have the facilities to store them properly. Most clients don't, so the negatives become damaged.)
My Guarantee
I guarantee the elements I control:
  • Lighting
  • Processing
  • Framing
  • Make-up (if it's my make-up person)
I will reshoot or I will refund $250.00, at your choice. The $50.00 deposit you made to hold the time for the session is non-refundable.
Length of Session
With make-up, a normal session takes 2-3 hours.
We want them to look at your face, not your clothes. The shot is about you. Try to match the clothes to your category and character. I suggest the following:
  • Bring three to five changes of wardrobe.
  • Avoid loud patterns, plaids, etc, unless it's for a very specific character and we've discussed the clothing.
  • V-necks tend to work well.
  • Layers tend to work well.
  • Texture often works well.
  • When in doubt, tend toward the simple.
Skin Tone
You may be thinking of skin tone in terms of race or ethnicity, but everyone has a unique skin tone. How to capture yours is one of the decisions we make in creating your headshot. Correctly capturing your skin tone is one reason I insist on having a professional make-up person working with us.
What Makes a Great Headshot?
How do you tell a good headshot from a mediocre one? Here are some tips. Contact me for more information.